Sepultura – [Live]

Monday, 16 May 2011

Although the current incarnation of Sepultura is a far cry from the line-up that delivered some of thrash metal's finest moments with records such as Morbid Visions and Beneath the Remains, the band rolled into San Francisco last week and proved that they can still deliver the goods after all these years, without a doubt.

Hitting the stage and ripping into "Arise,” Sepultura had the crowd worked up to a frenzy within a matter of seconds. Singer Derrick Green paced the stage with his dreads flying behind him, while longtime band members Paulo Jr. (Bass) and Andreas Kisser (guitar) fueled the crowd's energy. The band absolutely crushed through such classics as “Refuse/Resist,” “Dead Embryonic Cells,” “Troops Of Doom,” “Biotech is Godzilla” and “Convicted in Life,” all played with one hundred per cent conviction and confidence.

Sepultura also manged to throw in a few tracks from their soon-to-be released studio album, Kairos. Both the title track and "Seethe" sounded pretty amazing, and if they were any indication of what the new record will sound like, there is a place in metal for this current version of the still mighty Sepultura.



Kairos comes out on July 5, 2011 via Nuclear Blast. Pre-order it here on Amazon .

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