Saturday, 04 November 2006

For longtime fans of Placebo, Meds seems to be another solid album with a few extra perks. As usual, the band displays a range between high energy anthems and more heartfelt ballads. On the delicate “Song To Say Goodbye,”  Molko laments the drug use and destructive lifestyle of a fellow musician who is left unnamed. The catchier-than-hell tune “Infrared” sees the boys using their usual arsenal of hard hitting drums, a wall of guitars, electronic embellishments and coy lyrics.

However what differentiates this album is the sense (and sound) that Molko has grown up. Perhaps this is because the diminutive frontman is now a father? Maybe. (Insert non-Placebo fans thinking, “Wait…I thought that guy was gay…”)

From collaborations such as VV of the Kills on the (dare we say) addictive title  track to working with legendary producer Flood on the mix (the man is genius),  Meds comes off as a mature effort from a mature band. Hopefully, it’s an effort  that will earn the trio a few more fans on this side of the pond.

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