Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Sexy! Sexy! Sexy! Knees down and rockin’, Peaches blew the top off the house tonight.One thing for certain is that the boys and the girls alike came out to play with Peaches and I think not one of those souls left disappointed.By nights end, I know more than one of the fellas had tossed his shirt to the stage and the dancing never stopped.

When Peaches & Herms appeared on the darkly lit stage from behind the draping velvet curtains of the Avalon clad in Romanesque masks and wielding “light sabers” to the soundtrack of “The Final Countdown” the crowd went ecstatic.After a bit of pomp and parading, they launched into the set and got the dance party started proper.With “Fuck or Kill” and “Two Guys” at the top of the set, Peaches revved it up taking to the edge of the barricade cat-like before going full on into the crowd for a little ride of her own.With the mood set, the house kept shaking through the night.The wardrobe changes, the choreography, the instrument swapping all went down like a rubber fist punch.What got me were the tall silver boots and that strut near the end of the set when she did the splits.She was relentless in pushing it up and up before donning the quintessential “XXX” cape to close the set.

For the encore, they opened up with “Rock the Shocker” to the crowds delight. With yet another outfit change and more antics to be had, the party wasn’t over yet. The stretcher carry off and the pink two-wheeler stage ride around closed out an amazing show. I’d highly recommend checking this one out when you get the chance, and don’t forget to “rock the shocker” in the mean time.

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