Oh Sees Live September 13 @ Sinclair [Cambridge, MA]

Oh Sees Live September 13 @ Sinclair [Cambridge, MA]

Thursday, 14 September 2017

There is no doubt that the Oh Sees (formerly Thee Oh Sees, and now actually just OCs) are an unstoppable force. Releasing what seems like their 40th album this year and another one already announced, it’s important sometimes to step back and assess what you’re getting with this band because their catalog can easily meld together into a metropolis of music. With all this published material, what would front man John Dwyer choose to highlight in a live set?

The first thing to keep in mind was that this Oh Sees show at the Sinclair in Cambridge sold out a LONG time ago. The band hadn’t played Boston in 7 years  and people were eager to see what form the band has been taking live. Are they so very different than they were in 2010? Well, 2017 sees the band 9 albums later and with a completely different lineup. I had never seen the band live and as a guy next to me cared to share, “Prepare to be blown away.”

Like I said, the Oh Sees’ albums can sort of blend together because there are so many of them. But live? It’s simply such an elevated form of their music. It’s impressive right away just how similar these songs sound to their recorded counterpart. Oh Sees songs are NOT simple and straightforward by any means, and it’s pretty incredible seeing Dwyer perfectly recreate his riffs and noodling live. Second would be just how loud this band sounds. There’s only four of them, and two drummers (which might be the best iteration of a two-drummer lineup I’ve seen) but the sheer noise hitting you is surprising and fascinating. The energy coming off this band was in peak form ad this was perfectly matched by the crowd, who were very much into it, crowdsurfing, jumping, swaying, and damn near formed a circle pit on a number of occasion. Simply put, the Oh Sees at the Sinclair was a room of pure energy.

Here’s hoping it’s not another 7 years before these guys come back to town.

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