Midlake Re-release Milkmaid Grand Army EP

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

As far as GC is concerned, Midlake is allowed to change their name to something more productive like Roscoe or Steve or even King Ferdinand of Spain if they want to. That's because The Trials of Van Occupanther is easily one of our favorite albums of the millennium, so anything they do is fine by us, as long as we get more music. While there's not yet any word of a follow up, we can console ourselves with the news that Basement Front Records is re-releasing the band's initial EP from 2001, Milkmaid Grand Army. Granted, the collectors are gonna be somewhat pissed off, seeing as the original pressing was only 1000 copies. But who are we kidding. Thanks to the magic of file-sharing, far more than 1000 people can claim this as part of their record collections. Now's the chance for those n'er-do-wells to pick up a legitimate copy. Not that I'm one of them, or anything.

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