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Friday, 31 July 2009

There are a lot of clever turns of phrase that could be used to qualify Party Rock, but in the vernacular most regularly employed by the audience that LMFAO is making a play to entice, “Oh no, they didn't.” Oh no, they didn't give two weak-ass emcees a record contract. Oh no, mic mis-handlers S.K. Gordy and S.A. Gordy didn't bother to learn how to flow before making their debut, beyond cramming as many syllables and as much sixteenth note tripe as possible into three minutes blurts, thirteen times. Oh no, they didn't bother to develop more than one subject for use in any particular lyric sheet; and judging by the odor radiating from their mouths as the emcees don't shit-talk and objectify women so much as reduce them to a set of tits and a pussy, they're perpetually on the run from an army of cats.

Oh no, they didn't.

It's not the Gordys' flow or (in)ability on Party Rock that this review questions, it's the unending stream of boasts and bullshit that flows from them with the facility of verbal diarrhea. No matter what club they're at during Party Rock's runtime (dance, college, rock, strip – it doesn't matter) the Gordys seem to take a tremendous amount of joy in humping every leg in a ten-foot radius and dodging the fists of every jealous boyfriend masterfully (would you hit a guy with glasses? I would) as they carouse through trite and over-compensating anthems like “I'm In Miami,” “Get Crazy,” “Bounce” and “What Happens At The Party” but manage to come out without a scratch. Unfortunately, they don't really make a dent either – the problem that LMFAO faces here is that they're simply too two-dimensional and cartoon-ish to draw anything other than laughter at the club from anyone other than the monumentally drunk and those with ground-level expectations. The beats and dominating Casio-tone designs through Party Rock are torn directly out of a How-To book for building a club anthem but, as everyone knows, the life-expectancy on those is incredibly short and is cut even shorter here by the blatantly misogynist overtones that the record is drenched in.

So what will become of LMFAO now that Party Rock is out? It's a dead-of-summer record that, realistically, will get some play and maybe make the Gordys a name for a short while but, after frosh week and the river of beer that runs alongside it dries up, the brothers of LMFAO will find themselves right back where they started; as they must have when they were trying to get laid most nights, the only way LMFAO will get a lady to dance is if they pay for it.


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