Jon Snodgrass & Buddies live @Faces Brewing Company, Malden MA [05-17-24]

Jon Snodgrass & Buddies live @Faces Brewing Company, Malden MA [05-17-24]

Sunday, 19 May 2024

I’ve been a fan of Jon Snodgrass for over 20 years and have only seen him live once. Embarrassing, I know. Especially considering how much I owe the man. Armchair Martian is such a no-brainer for anyone into pop punk, especially the Descendents/ALL/Fat Wreck variety, and I was hooked from the beginning (hey, when’s a new album coming out?), but I didn’t think country music could be cool until I heard his band Drag the River with ALL frontman Chad Price (hey, when’s a new album coming out?). Granted, Drag the River are mostly a rock band with some heavy folk and country leanings, but their songs are instantly accessible to anyone into punk rock who doesn’t mind the occasional slide guitar. And that gap is a big one to bridge, because if you’re into Drag the River, a whole new world of great music opens up to you. Thank you, Jon Snodgrass.

But while his bands are on hiatus, the man has his own super project Jon Snodgrass & Buddies, whose debut was one of our favorite records of 2020 (hey, a new album IS coming out soon!). Tace was a heavy rocker loaded with hooks that will leave you wanting more as soon as it’s over. It’s cool to think how Snodgrass makes his songs his own with his trademark (?) drawl. I rememebr the tour promoting that album fondly. It was at O’Brien’s, maybe not the most well-attended show, but full of character. Also, the band was tight and played effortlessly. A great show. Now the man is back with a new album, Barge at Will, just as short as the previous album but equally potent.

I’ll never pass up the opportunity to check out a new venue and Faces Brewing has been on my list in a while. If you go, the live shows are in the back, so don’t wander around like a moron like yours truly. The live lineup of the Buddies this includes the Rad Owl rhythm section sitting in. And, shit was TIGHT! My only issue was that the setlist was so short. Barely a half hour, with lots of conversation makes for about only 8 or so live songs. Come on, buddies! The vibe was comical and friendly as Snodgrass relegated the crowd with funny tales and charming backstories to accompany the songs.  A nicer set of guys playing a greater set of songs you’ll never find.  And I wish all my friends could be there with me, it was such a friendly and rocking affair. Snodgrass is still on the road and you should check him out. Support the man! Buy a shirt! But the record!

See what he’s up to here.

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