J.G.Thirlwell – [Album]

Sunday, 27 September 2009

I’ve come to the realization that I listen to well over 100 albums each year, dear readers. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but having to sift through the utter sea of shit that qualifies as music these days in order to bring you the highlights isn’t exactly an easy task.

Whenever the yearly consumption and absorption starts, there’s always a few crazy outliers; some albums come from genres that would normally be way out of my radar. This year, a couple of those gems (Mariachi Bronx, I’m looking at you!) have appeared, and the Venture Bros soundtrack is most definitely one.

The soundtrack release collects some of the highlight tracks of the show to far, and to categorize the galaxy of themes that appear on it here would be utterly ridiculous. Let’s just say that it sounds like the music that would accompany the Johnny Quest show from the 60s; we’re dealing with highly urgent big-band jazz here!

What stands out is how the songs perfectly form the atmosphere they’re trying to create; opener “Brock Graveside” sounds like a gunslinger showdown, while “Thunder-Bro” sounds like the arch-nemesis plotting, “Mississippi Noir” belongs in a southern tavern and "Warped Carousel" is a demented carnival. A delivery this spot-on doesn’t come often, folks.

So, how does it fare in the long run? Surprisingly well, actually. Unlike other nostalgic efforts that grow thin quickly (Girl Talk’s Feed the Animals, anyone?), after repeated listens you can actually start uncovering the layers and appreciate new aspects to each song. There are a few misses here (like “In a Spaceage Mood,” particularly), but they are few and far between when one takes into consideration that this collection offers twenty tracks.

Although the vinyl criminally omits some songs (like the aforementioned “Mississippi Noir”), the simple fact that an album like this is even available on vinyl is an absolute treat (and unthinkable even 5 years ago) that should be taken advantage of. The artwork detail can truly be appreciated on the vinyl format, and the matted finish of the cover is a perfect touch. And the best news? According to the liner notes, a Volume 2 is in the works! Here’s to Williams Street!


The Venture Brothers OST is out now. Buy it here on Amazon .

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