Iggy Pop – [Album]

Iggy Pop – [Album]

Friday, 17 February 2023

Iggy Pop
Every Loser
(Atlantic/Warner Bros.)
I’m never sure what I’ll get when I get a new album by Iggy Pop. Usually, there’s some version of the standard Iggy — rocking hard, with some social criticism, and a ballad or two – but every now and then he throws us a curve ball; a Preliminaires or an Avenue B. With all of that said, Every Loser pretty standard for him.

If there is a surprise here, it is that Iggy Pop sounds content with his life right now. That is not to say he has calmed down though, opener “Frenzy” makes that clear. But even as he declares, “I’m in a frenzy,” he sounds more celebratory than upset. Likewise in “Neo-Punk,” a tongue-in-cheek take on fashion; “punk” is now a declaration of prestige, not outsider-ness. In face, Iggy’s current celebrity status pops up several times, in “Morning Show” and “Comments.” Although he does approach it with a level of cynicism, it is also clear he enjoys it.

Running through the album is a balance of realism, joy, and cynicism. “Strung Out Johnny” revisits Iggy’s junkie days, with an almost audible sigh of relief that those days are over. “New Atlantis” is an almost sweet love song to his adopted city of Miami, but it acknowledges, in its title and lyrics, that Miami is sinking. He is still pissed off about a lot of society, as is addressed in “Modern Day Ripoff” and “The Regency,” but he still enjoys himself. He sings, “Fuck the Regency” with both a sneer and a smile.

For Every Loser, Iggy assembled a band of hard rock heavy-hitters: Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses), Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot Chili Peppers), and Andrew Watt (producer), with guest appearances by Stone Gossard, Dave Navarro, and the late Taylor Hawkins. The band certainly rocks out. “Frenzy” could be a Guns N’ Roses outtake, while “Neo-Punk” echoes the Stooges (no surprises there). “All the Way Down” evokes the Stones, and “Strung Out Johnny” recalls Johnny Thunders. There are quieter moments as well; “Morning Show” is a ballad and “Modern Atlantis” contains a spoken word interlude. In the end, musically, it is a pretty standard Iggy Pop album.

Every Loser is a very enjoyable Iggy album, but does not break any new ground. Maybe next time. [G.Murray Thomas]


Every Loser is out now. Buy it here on Amazon. https://www.amazon.ca/EVERY-LOSER-Iggy-Pop/dp/B0BLXD3KS4/ref=sr_1_3?crid=29R5S5LW97RWM&keywords=Iggy+Pop+-+Every+Loser&qid=1676661149&sprefix=iggy+pop+-+every+loser%2Caps%2C97&sr=8-3

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