I Wanna Be Literated #233

I Wanna Be Literated #233

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Climate Crisis and the Global New Deal
by Noam Chomsky and Robert Pollin

We should consider ourselves lucky that Noam Chomksy is still around, and double lucky that he’s still putting out books discussing important topics like global warming. Climate Crisis and the Global New Deal is an “interview book” where Chomsky and Pollin answer questions relevant to global warming, so it’s not exactly an exhaustive analysis on the subject but it’s incredibly accessible and easy to read.

The questions addressed by Chomsky and Pollin are divided into four categories: The Nature of Climate Crisis, Capitalism and the Climate Crisis, A Global Green New Deal, and Political Mobilization to Save the Planet. Like I mentioned previously, this book is very easy to read due mostly to the conversational style of it all. Chomsky and Pollin take turns answering Polychroniou’s (?) questions and lay it all out on the table. More specifically, they discuss important subjects like where can we find reliable reports on the current state of the climate crisis and what do they recommend, what are the consequences of negligence, what is our current leadership’s stance on the changing climate, how does capitalism fit and how is its behavior protected by the government, what programs need to be put in place to prevent catastrophes, how much will it cost, and how do we need to alter in our daily lives to help. The obstacles are presented in plain language and, quite honestly, are both daunting and, according to Chomsky and Pollin, quite overcomable considering the jobs and profits potential in green energy. What’s more, the money is there if it’s redistributed correctly. All that’s needed is leadership who is dedicated to address the problem (which has been the main problem). There are some topics I wish were also covered like the role of global militarization and the environment and what strategies we need to elect the right officials (and whether this is even an option) that maybe are beyond the scope of the book.

Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal is a powerful little book that addresses the biggest challenge facing our survival. It’s enlightening and depressing, but also hopeful. I hope the right people read it.

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