Get Set Go – [Album]

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Someone wise once said that if you walk into a room believing that you're the coolest guy in the room, you will be the coolest guy in the room, and Get Set Go obviously took that advice to heart before making a conscious effort to go against it. From the very first notes of "How Now," the band oozes a rare brand of sardonic cool that isn't condescending because it's so lyrically self-deprecating and morose, but it is incredibly infectious. It's clear when listening to this album that Get Set Go doesn't have a shy or modest bone in their bodies; through songs including "Please Destroy Me" and "I'll Come Around,” singer Mike TV enacts the idea of taking every indignity thrown at him in stride (he checks them all off in "Please Destroy Me" too) as perfectly acceptable losses in a quest for true love to the absolute extreme and ends up sounding absolutely hilarious rather than pathetic as a result. The cutesy, non-threatening pop backdrop that the band creates acts as the perfect foil to TV’s ruminations; the brilliantly unaffected delivery and utter lack of both distortion and testosterone is what sets Get Set Go apart from the rest of the alt-emo crowd and it works for them. While Weezer still feels the need to set up their sentiments as the gooey center of a rock song, Get Set Go turn that formula inside out, putting all the mush around a hard center and capture audiences that are listening for them to finally crack up.

Sunshine, Joy and Happiness is out now on TSR.

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