From the GC archives: Bob Odenkirk a Load of Hooey

From the GC archives: Bob Odenkirk a Load of Hooey

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A Load of Hooey
by Bob Odenkirk

Let me start this review, just like Bob Odenkirk starts his reviews in this book, by saying that I am a huge Bob Odenkirk fan. So of course someone like me is going to be absolutely ecstatic at the idea of Bob Odenkirk writing a book. Even more so one that it;s being put out by the fine folks at McSweeney’s. And lo and behold, I was quite pleased with the content of A Load of Hooey.

One must not be put off by the shortness of a Load of Hooey (even though it does look gorgeous with its hardcover and elaborate binding). I was a bit surprised myself with how thin the book was and how much empty space there were in the pages, but considering what the book is about, it made a little more sense halfway through my read.

If I had to explain what a Load of Hooey is about, I’d say that it’s a collection of short chapters that read like sketches in a sketch comedy show. Odenkirk has written some of greatest sketch comedy shows of all time, so right away you know you’re in good hands. And although I already mentioned that the book is a bit short, it’s very surprising to see how unique and fresh the chapters are when we compare them to one another. They are all witty, hilarious, and if you pretend the chapters are a monologue from an Odenkirk-voiced character, you can’t help but have a smile on your face when reading. In addition to these monologue-esque chapters, we also get actual multi-character scripted sketches (like Hitler having dinner guests over, and inmates who want to do performance of Shakespeare in the park), and charmingly, a wonderfully illustrated short comic book story. So really, it’s Odenkirk’s versatility that really makes A Load of Hooey so fresh and funny.

I was convinced after reading this book that it would be a must-read for Mr. Show or Bob Odenkirk fans in general. Now I’m convinced that this book should be enjoyed by everyone. And if you don’t like it, you’re just a dummy.

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