Fucked Up – [Live]

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Punk rock (one could say the right kind of punk rock) has had a shinier-than-usual spotlight put on it these days, partly because of what bands like Fucked Up are doing. I say “bands like” out of formality because, to be honest, I should say it’s simply because of Fucked Up. Their latest album David Comes To Life is so ambitious, offers so much, and works on so many levels that it’s the perfect album to divert an average non-punk music fan to the scene. I call albums like these "game changers." That DCTL will rank at the top of my year’s favorite albums is a safe bet, but how does the band hold up live? As has become customary, I will break why you should check these guys out when they come to your town down to three points:

  1. The tightness of this band absolutely stands out live. Let’s be frank, a punk band with three guitarists is total overkill. Ben Cook (guitar) admitted it himself in a recent Razorcake interview. So to see Fucked Up’s perfect execution of their songs in a live setting, on an overpopulated stage, without a studio to hide behind is a relief as much it is a curiosity.
  2. Drummer Jonah Falco is an absolute beast. One of my only gripes with DCTL is the lack of spotlight placed on the drums. I’m a drummer, so call it a weakness but, to see Falco recreate the tracks live, with brutal determination, elevated complexity, making it look easy, and loudly simply adds a whole new level to the songs.
  3. Vocalist Damian Abraham is just about the perfect front man. He has the chops to front this band, no doubt, but to see him win over the crowd with sheer likeability is nothing short of fun. He is not afraid to challenge the crowd, make fun of his own weight, or interact with show-goers and pose for pictures in the middle of songs. How can you not love him?

All in all, Fucked Up puts on a show which not only sets high standards for what bands should sound like live, they also set standards for how a band should be interacting with their audience. All of that was evident in their show at the Royale; still another example of why it’s becoming easier everyday to make the argument that they just might be one of the best band active and touring these days.



Fucked Up's current tour continues. Click here for a list of upcoming shows.

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