Feel The Love, Taste The Fury – The Headstones Are Back With New Music

Monday, 25 March 2013

Let it never be said that it doesn't feel good when a plan comes together.

When The Headstones reconvened a couple of years ago for a string of concert dates, the band discovered just how much they were missed when venues sold out in advance and the press raved about the solid performances that the band gave up. That first response got the band thinking, but they elected to take small steps, entered the studio and recorded just one song, “Binthiswayforyears,” and released it for free via their website. Fans leapt in a fury at the download, and the band was inspired to book a slightly longer tour – this time across Canada – which was received fantastically once again by fans, and the press ate it up as well. Emboldened by their fans and sick of baby steps, singer Hugh Dillon, guitarist Trent Carr, bassist Tim White and drummer Dale Harrison started a campaign and fans happily funded the making of Love And Fury; The Headstones' first album of new material in eleven years.

That the album was done and set was great, but it gets better. Smelling promise and the fact that the band could clearly work on their own, the music business decided to throw their hat into the ring and help too. The band recently announced this news:

You rock. We did it. Make no mistake. You made this record happen! This whole thing has been about motherfucking rock and roll.

Your pledge has not only helped us kickstart the band and make a killer record, it has now created an opportunity for us to have our music heard around the world! Because you guys got us to make this record, Frostbyte/Universal Music heard it, love it and want to release it worldwide. You folks are responsible for this success, and for that we thank you from the bottom of our blackened little hearts. 

Now, in order to make this all work and to ensure the best possible results for you and us, the timing of our release date has changed (yes we know, change is hard). On April 16th, the single, 'Long Way To Neverland' will be made available for digital download. The complete album, both physical and digital, will be released May 14th.

“Long Way To Neverland” is going to Canadian radio stations next week. Please call and request.

Thank you for your understanding and dedication, we could not have done this without you.

Fans who thought this was going to be cool before? Maybe – but the way that Love And Fury is coming together promises to be an event the likes of which even the biggest fans couldn't have anticipated.

Love And Fury tracklist:

01.) Change My Ways

02.) Long Way To Neverland 

03.) Final Analysis 

04.) Far Away From Here 

05.) Don't Follow The Leader

06.) Astronaught 

07.) Go Back The Other Way 

08.) SOS

09.) Bin This Way For Years 

10.) Outta My League 

11.) Midnight Of This Life


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Love And Fury
will be released on May 14, 2013 via Frostbyte/Universal Music. Pre-order it here on the band's Pledgemusic page.

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