Eulogies – [Album]

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

After releasing a couple of fairly well-received solo records, Peter Walker has now assembled a band of likeminded players, called it Eulogies and released a self-titled album that, like it as not, sounds like little more than the third instalment in Walker’s catalogue; there isn’t a whole lot of difference between Eulogies and Landed and Young Gravity, just the name of the project performing the material. That isn’t a bad thing necessarily—as with his first two releases, Eulogies makes the most of Walker’s knack for writing sparsely-arranged and stark but beautifully plain-spoken and fragile indie rock murder ballads that betray a sense of modesty and humility (to no better effect than on "Can’t Relate," which is hands down the best song that the singer has written to date). The introductions of Tim Sutton and Chris Reynolds on bass and drums respectively doesn’t in any way change the overall sound of the songs on Eulogies or do anything to separate them from Walker’s solo work which poses the question: why rename the project? Walker’s an established but still very underground artist, why make recognition unnecessarily complicated by recording under a different name? Regardless, Peter Walker has continued his streak of solid offerings with Eulogies—hopefully his fans will know to pick it up.

Eulogies is out now on Dangerbird Records.

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