Deadpool 2 OST To Get Tasty Picture Disc Treatment

Deadpool 2 OST To Get Tasty Picture Disc Treatment

Wednesday, 04 July 2018

Someone somewhere may be surprised, in some way, that Deadpool 2 will be receiving a fancy, picture disc treatment when it gets released on vinyl on August 17, 2018, but others will argue that it’s really the only way this soundtrack could be presented effectively. After all, how could any self-respecting soundtrack for a comic book movie not have some pretty illustrations on it?

Of course there are going to be pictures on the vinyl pressing of the soundtrack, but that’s not where it ends, true believers. No, Deadpool 2 is also the first ever score album to receive a “parental guidance” label. It also features music from award-winning composer, Tyler Bates (John Wick, Guardians of the Galaxy, Watchmen) and contains popular explicit numbers such as “Holy S*** Balls” and”Make the Whole World our B****”.  Billboard shared that “the score…matches the smart-ass spirit of the franchise,” and we at Ground Control couldn’t be more excited; if it sounds half as good as it looks, Deadpool 2 might just inject some much-needed new life into the “Soundtrack Album” genre which, outside of a couple of bright glimmers of greatness, has spent much of the last twenty years creatively wilting. Like the character for which Deadpool 2 is named however, it’s impossible not to root for the underdog; particularly when it cuts such a gosh-darned pretty image as this picture disc does.

Deadpool 2 (Original Motion Picture Score) track list:
1.         X-Men Arrive
2.         Fighting Dirty
3.         Hello Super Powers
4.         Escape
5.         Vanessa
6.         Weasel Interrogation
7.         Holy S*** Balls
8.         Mutant Convoy
9.         The Name is Cable
10.       Sorry for Your Loss
11.        You Can’t Stop this Mother F*****
12.       Ice Box
13.       Docking
14.       Make the Whole World our B****
15.       Pity D***
16.       Knock Knock
17.       Let Me In
18.       Maximum Effort
19.       The Orphanage
20.      Cable Flashback
21.       Genuine High Grade Lead
22.      Courage Mother F*****


The picture disc pressing of the Deadpool 2 soundtrack will be released on August 3, 2018. Pre-order it here on Amazon.

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