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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A rat is something we all feel is unwanted in our life. We would scream “rodent!” and throw bricks. A mouse on the other hand has a completely different feeling for us. We all grew up with a mouse on our television with big black ears almost as big as its head. We all knew how to spell his first and last name before we could spell our own. On the other hand, some of us grew up alongside another mouse, who told us he was dead, came in different colors, and had a two-foot wide smile that was unrelenting.

Joel “Deadmau5” Zimmerman has recently released his fifth album Random Album Title under the Ultra Records label in the U.S. Deadmau5 shows us a deep side of music with tracks containing heavy mid-tones and constant bass. The lyrics for the tracks match the unique vibe and sound to play on each other perfectly, as if woven together to make the perfect ear-muffs to keep you warm. When I first heard this album I wasn’t ready for it. I was having an ecstatic day and didn’t have time to pay attention to it like it deserved. Random Album Title’s progressive house feel is one that I feel has characteristics that must match the mood you’re in, as well as devoted ears and mind. Once in this perfect spot the album comes out in true form and beauty.

Beginning with the first track “Sometimes Things Get, Whatever,” Deadmau5 shows us his true abilities without hesitation or introductions. Most of the world has only known the music Deadmau5 has dropped on us through other famous artists like Tiesto or Paul Van Dyke. The heavy beat of the first track keeps your mind occupied until screaming high-hat sounds and lyrics. The album moves without pause to the next track, “Complications, where Deadmau5 continues to show us his doctorate-ability to create music that is well beyond what most of us hear on a daily basis. The mid-tones of this track play constantly and when left without bass causes you to have cravings to turn the volume knob north. The ups and downs of the track keep your ears glued to each sound. Once you start to repeat listening to the tracks, new sounds begin to emerge, giving you more reasons to keep listening to the album.

The sounds of the tracks slowly begin to elevate and when you reach the track “I Remember,” you reach a point where you want to start singing along. The style brings me back to albums that first came out, when we called everything “techno.” Deadmau5 has created tracks that we will remember over the years and sing along when they’re played by DJs across the world on New Year’s Eve 2012. He’s telling you now, and you’ll say then that you’ll remember.

Even if elevating you was not enough, Deadmau5 brings you back down with an acoustic piano track, “Faxing Berlin – Piano Acoustica Version,” which introduces the normal track “Faxing Berlin.” Being someone who often goes to events that plays music like this, I know when an artist puts great effort into an album to create the same emotions one would experience if it were being played live. The “Faxing Berlin” set captures those relaxing moments between the greatest tracks of the night when you go out to see your favorite artists. These two songs resting between “I Remember” and “Arguru” show us the reasoning as to why he put the tracks in this order for the album. Sure, “Not Exactly” might be just before “Arguru,” but we can’t just jump into it now, can we? “Not Exactly” brings us back up from the euphoric moment on the “Faxing Berlin” set. The evaluation is almost immediate once on “Not Exactly“ and carries on to be one of the two longest tracks of the album. The elevation gain in the faster beat is definitely smile-worthy to be the owner of a great track like this. It’s tracks like this where you feel they’ll play part in your life’s soundtrack down the road.

Random Album Title is an album that the true progressive house lover can enjoy time after time. If you’re a fan of the entire music genre, you may be the owner of one of the tracks, through our friend Tiesto in the album In Search Of Sunrise 6: Ibiza, where we find the track “Arguru.” Oddly enough, being a great track, the album’s total list of tracks are all something that can be used in mixes of the same progressive and euphoria vibe. If you’re new to Joel and the Deadmau5 name, listening to the music will definitely get you ready for more music to come from him and his very young career.


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