Chris Brown – [Album]

Friday, 25 March 2011

Let’s try and look past the beating, the homo comments, the nude photos and, more recently, the window smashing after the past was brought up. Wait, nude photos? Sweet jesus, Chris Brown, you need to work on getting your PR people in line. It’s actually not a good idea to send a photo of your wang to anyone. Ever. Just some friendly advice. We could talk about how you’re being a moron in public right now, but instead I want to talk about your album F.A.M.E. (F.orgive A.ll M.y E.nemies) and how its' back-to-back tracks deliver a whirlwind of emotions that is on a higher level than John Legend or Coldplay. My man, you might not have a ton of your life in line, but you can put out some great music.

The album starts with Chris Brown saying goodbye in “Deuces.” It’s been playing on the radio for a while now, and I will let you know that the rest of this album doesn’t sound like this track, it simply houses it. There is simply an abundance of artists in the world who have albums on which every track is never even an ounce more ambitious that the song which precedes it. Sure it works in that fashion but, for this album, if you’re the type to burn your own, you can extract tracks for every vibe you want to match, or at least seventeen of them with the F.A.M.E. Deluxe Version.

Chris Brown is known for his good-feeling R&B style music, and this album has it, but if you have the explicit version, even the fucking love songs have some mother-fucking-condom-wearing “No BS” style lyrics. Chris keeps it real with track three and really speaks to the ladies of the world. The song reaches out to that moment when we get that phone call at 3 A.M. after a weekend night with someone needing something explicit. Us fellas might nod in agreement to the lyrics, and the ladies might be hearing what they want to hear at 3 A.M. after they eat that street cart hot dog. I do have doubts on how many girls are listening as Chris has been on many girls' ban-lists since his first incident.

Not that his actions have stopped him from continuing to put out music, “Look At Me Now” is hands down one of the greatest songs I have heard in this first quarter of 2011. Featuring Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne, this lyrically fast-paced track has hard-hitting bass and 'tweening highs that are unparalleled with all of the tracks that are on the market today. The lyrics from all three are on such a catchy high level, you’ll want to hear them on repeat. In addition to that, you’ll have to hear it more than once to experience Busta’s part, and how long he can go on just one breath – it's unbelievable.

I could go into the brilliance of every track on this album and I could talk about how Chris Brown is a true artist, but his current actions are hard to see around. Being someone that has had experiences in life that can be looked at in the same fashion as similar to Brown's, I see how his artistic abilities are overshadowed by his one major flaw. I think if he had the ability to approach life in the same graceful, driven and artistic way that he approaches his music more people would buy his album. If you have the ability to overlook actions and to see true artistic ability, buy this album. You will not regret it. Or go smash a window and buy it. Then you can say you’re just supporting your people.


F.A.M.E. Deluxe Edition is out now. Buy it here on Amazon .

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