Buckshot and 9th Wonder Prepare New Album

Tuesday, 05 February 2008

After a couple of stabs at being clever—which obviously didn't pan out, since you aren't reading them here—it's often time to cut the fat and just give up the meat. So here it is: April 15th—normally set aside for bitching about taxes—has been pegged as the release date for Buckshot and 9th Wonder's The Formula, follow-up to 2005's Chemistry. (See what they did there? Chemistry? The Formula? Now that's clever.)

The album features a guest spot from Talib Kweli—apparently Black Star and Black Moon are in the same orbit (see what I mean about the lack of cleverness on this end?)—and Charlie Murphy shows up in the video for the first single "Go All Out." Fans can catch Buckshot live at SXSW, in San Bernadino, CA at the Paid Dues Festival, and along the Duck Down USA Summer tour (dates yet to come). In the meantime, check out a clip from the "Making of 'Go All Out'" right here:


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