Bikeride – Lunarcast.001

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

As we strive to bring you exclusive content from features to pre-released mp3s, the one technology that we’d like to see more of is video. So Ground Control is launching LUNARCAST, a series of video features that go way deeper than words on a page ever could.

For our first installment, we chose the psychedelic pop band from Southern California, Bikeride. The foursome have thick, deep roots in the 60s, but through brain-numbing melodies, razor-sharp harmonies and pure production ingenuity, Bikeride have made a one-of-a-kind record in a sea of monotony and predictability. Their fifth album, The Kiss, explores the darker side of pop, stepping away from their "day at beach" credo, realizing that there’s just as much beauty in a rainy day.

Ground Control Magazine Presents: Bikeride

Production: Augustine Arredondo

The Kiss is out March 6, 2007

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