Big Business – Lunarcast.002

Friday, 16 March 2007

The second installment of Lunarcast features Big Business, perhaps the busiest and most productive rock band around. Bassist/singer Jared Warren and arguably one the best drummers alive, Coady Willis, not only thrive as a two-piece, cultivating a style of heavy music with touches of metal, punk and prog, but also make up a portion of The Melvins’ rhythm section.

In true Big Business fashion, they held a free pre-record release show at All-Star Lanes in Eagle Rock, CA, to celebrate the release of their sophomore album, Here Come the Waterworks. Ground Control had a chance to meet up with them to talk about their beginnings, working with producer and friend Phil Ek and the upside to being a band without special dietary needs.

Ground Control Magazine Presents: Big Business

Production: Augustine Arredondo

Here Come the Waterworks is out now on Hydrahead Records.

Big Business on MySpace

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