Ben Gibbard Announces Side Project

Tuesday, 01 April 2008

I'm sure there are quite a few Death Cab and Postal Service fans out there, and for you, here's some "news." Frontman Ben Gibbard has announced a new side project called Just Jazzin'. Apparently, the name says it all [and says even more to those of us whose parents use antiquated phrases like this one – ed.]. Gibbard says "there's just a side of me and my music that desires a lack of structure and Just Jazzin' does that for me because I am allowed to just play whatever note comes into my head."

If one checks out the band's MySpace page, it features a single song and video in which Gibbard plays the xylophone and nothing more. I remain skeptical, but hey, emo-electronica seemed crazy before The Postal Service…


Please note the release date on the above article… 🙂


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