Bat Fangs Live @ The Sinclair Cambridge, MA [03-14-23]

Bat Fangs Live @ The Sinclair Cambridge, MA [03-14-23]

Wednesday, 15 March 2023

The winters in New England are brutal. So much so that it’s a wonder anyone would come here to play when it’s so cold out. Double that when there’s a snow storm. And those were exactly the conditions on Tuesday when Bat Fangs rolled around to the Sinclair for their live show. Personally, I was surprised the show was happening at all, but very very pleased that it did. Both Bat Fangs and Quasi are bands I’ve been meaning to see live for a long time and a double bill was just what the doctor ordered to offset this wacky weather. The band even acknowledged it during their set. “We came through the mountains. It was…QUITE a day.” God knows what these ladies had to go through to bring us the rock, but God bless them for doing it.

Bat Fangs aren’t sure what kind of music they play, and they’re right in that it’s a mix of a bunch of things. A bunch of awesome things. But mostly they’re a rock band. A catchy one, full of sweet harmonies, and full of finger noodling. Their songs are about love, loss, and life. I guess in a way, you could say that Bat Fangs are rock music for the people. One thing I wasn’t expecting in a live setting was how much louder they are, because let me tell you, they are PLENTY loud on their albums. With the addition of a touring bassist, these ladies managed through a set full of their best cuts of both albums like Talk Tough, Lightning Hand, Action, Fangs Out, and Boy of Summer. All expertly delivered with some of the tightest playing you’ve heard, blowing our faces off and sending some warm sounds to warm our belies. You would never have guessed they were at their nerves’ end driving into a Nor’easter to bring their music to the masses.

Bat Fangs are back at it after the pandemic put a halt to their adventures. Now they’re back on in full swing and ready to sink their teeth into you. Be sure to catch them when they come to your town.

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