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Thursday, 25 January 2007

Rare And Out-Of-Print Recordings Available Via Download

Anthology Recordings has announced their first four digital only releases of 2007, which will be available for download on January 17 – Dom’s “Edge Of Time” (Ultimate meditative Psych from Germany circa 1970), Patrick Gleeson’s “Rainbow Delta” (Analog Synth pioneer), Abner Jay (The last great Southern black minstrel show) and Merrell Fankhauser (gently flowing, peaceful folk). All releases can be accessed at and downloaded as a full album or as single tracks along with the album’s original artwork.

In addition, Anthology would like to announce a collaborative set of releases with the UK label, Sunbeam Records and Sweden’s Subliminal Sounds. Releases from the Sunbeam catalog will be announced in the coming weeks and releases have already begun to roll out for Subliminal Sounds (including Pärson Sound, Abner Jay & Merrell Fankhauser). Sunbeam boasts a high pedigree catalog that includes acts like Clive Palmer, Oriental Sunshine, Mighty Baby, Terry Manning & Fresh Maggots.

Other future releases will include Human Switchboard (Post-Punk, VU inspired sounds), Chris Dedrick (first unreleased solo outing from the Free Design frontman), White Flame (unreleased Proto-Punk private pressing), 1,000 Mexicans (lost Post-Punk/New Wavers), series of Hip -Hop white label 12-nches, D.R. Hooker (Psychrock private press classic), Scientists (Australia’s Dirgy Noise/Punk legends), a Stefan Kéry curated compilation (founder of Sweden’s Subliminal Sounds), Three Volumes of Thai Beat A Go-Go, a digital NWOBHM 7-inch series and much more. The site will continuously add new music.

The label was founded in January 2006 by Keith Abrahamsson, who is also A&R for NYC based Indie label Kemado Records and has signed acts like The Sword, Dungen, Lansing-Dreiden and Danava (among others) and recently put together the label’s Invaders compilation. With the demand for digital music mounting, Abrahamsson was struck by the lack of obscure titles available on high volume retailers — a wrong Anthology is determined to right by allowing fans of less-mainstream music the access they’ve been missing. Anthology will also serve and function as a regular reissue label, promoting and marketing each release.

Anthology Recordings is not intended to be the antidote to crate digging, but a resource for music fanatics who would otherwise not hear these rare titles. Making the music available digitally is an affordable option for both the label and the consumer.

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