After The Goldrush.003 – Saddle Creek

Thursday, 23 August 2007

A few years ago when I was DJing clubs that weren’t clubs really, but people standing around listening to dance music, I probably had The Faint in every one of my sets—at least one song. In 2004 that was pretty much all you needed to get the party started. I ended up hearing about Broken Spindles and would drop some of those jams as well. Then there was Bright Eyes, Now It’s Overhead, Ladyfinger (NE), Cursive, etc. I thought it was bananas that all this was coming from Nebraska and wondered how that’s possible? Then again, I think I actually like three L.A. bands out of 10,000, so it’s not that crazy.

Anyway, I wanted to see when the new Faint album was gonna be out so I checked out the Saddle Creek site, which now gained 50 more “cool” points by offering up a grip of MP3s to help promote their artists. What a concept! Why on earth would they do that?

Check out a few below, then head over to to check out some more!

The Faint
“I Disappear” from Wet From Birth – [mp3]
“Agenda Suicide” from Danse Macabre – [mp3]

Broken Spindles
“This is an Introduction” – from Inside/Absent – [mp3]

The Good Life
“Heartbroke” from Help Wanted Nights – [mp3]

“Bad Sects” from Happy Hollow

Now It’s Overhead
“Let Up” from Dark Light Daybreak – [mp3]

Bright Eyes
“No One Would Riot for Less” from Cassadaga – [mp3]

Ladyfinger (NE)
“Smuggler” from Heavy Hands – [mp3]

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