After the Gold Rush.008

Saturday, 21 June 2008

I love the Internet. I love that major labels have been shitting themselves for the past 10 years, wondering how mp3s are going to affect sales. I love how late they were to react to the barrage of digital downloads that have been offered, and frankly, made bands popular that would NEVER have been popular if it weren't for that free download.

But will the majors do it? Hells no. Would they get more interest in their bands if they did? Hells yes. But the community of people that flock to sites like aren't really looking for major label bands, but looking for that "next big thing." Bands like Sybris, who I recently discovered due to an email from a publicist with a free mp3 for "Oh Man." And because of that email, I have an album that's secure in my top 10 for 2008. This doesn't happen enough in my life, but when it does, it definitely makes it worth my while. So, perhaps you haven't heard of all the bands below, and maybe you won't like any of them, but if you discover one new band and follow their careers, then After the Gold Rush was a success in my book.


65 Days of Static – "Danceparties (Mechanised)" – [mp3]

Albert Hammond Jr. – "GFC" – [mp3]

Alu Martian – "Rendezvous" – [mp3]

Calico Horse – "Father Feed Me" – [mp3]
Calico Horse – "Placebo Syringe Day" – [mp3]

Dante – "Eurotrippin" – [mp3]

Fleet Foxes – "White Winter Hymnal" – [mp3]

Frog Eyes – "Bushels" – [mp3]

Joan As Police Woman – "To Be Loved" – [mp3]

Lauren Ianuzzi – "A Funk I Won't Forget" – [mp3]

Middle Class Rut – "All Walks of Life" – [mp3]

Pop Levi – "Never Never Love" – [mp3]

Sebadoh – "Soul and Fire (Acoustic)" – [mp3]

Shearwater – "Leviathan, Bound" – [mp3]
Shearwater – "Rooks" – [mp3]

Sigur Ros – "Gobbledigook" – [mp3]

Sybris – "Oh Man" – [mp3]

The Black Ghosts – "Repetition (Remix)" – [mp3]

The Cool Kids – "What Up Man" – [mp3]

The Graduate – "Doppleganger" – [mp3]

The Orb – "Katskills" – [mp3]

Tilly and the Wall – “Pot Kettle Black” – [mp3]
Tilly and the Wall – “Caucophony” – [mp3]

Violens – "Sensation Descends" – [mp3]

Weezer – Live on Sirius Radio
Weezer – "Automatic (Live)" – [mp3]
Weezer – "King (Live)" – [mp3]
Weezer – "Pork and Beans (Live)" – [mp3]
Weezer – "Troublemaker 5000 (Live)" – [mp3]

Wolf Parade – "Language City" – [mp3]

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