Aesop Rock – [Live]

Aesop Rock – [Live]

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Aesop Rock
Paradise Rock Club – Boston, Massachusetts – June 17, 2016
I love Aesop Rock, and I love the sweaty shows he puts on at the Paradise in Boston (where I’ve seen him numerous times before). Of course there might be pandering to the crowd (“This is the best crowd of the tour!” he exclaims), but this is also the best I’ve ever seen Aesop Rock. I know now that the man focuses heavily on his newest album when he goes on tour, so I made sure to thoroughly familiarize myself with it before going to the show. We can talk about said album – The Impossible Kid – more thoroughly another time, but let me just say that it’s one hell of an album and everything you would expect from a musical mastermind. For now let’s focus on this show and the absolute hijinks that ensue.

The Impossible Kid tour brings with it Homeboy Sandman (who Aesop Rock put out a noteworthy split with last year), Rob Sonic and DJ Zone. Also in the shows are an elk, a wolf, and a deer in a campfire motif. So take that in, while you can. As expected, Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic blazed through most of the Impossible Kid tracks with surgical precision and impressive flow. The more they work together, the more I’m convinced that Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic make the perfect team. Like Shaggy and Scooby. After the Impossible Kid highlights and some Hail Mary Mallon songs, we got taken for a trip back to the older stuff like Catacomb Kids, Daylight, and None Shall Pass. For the encore Homeboy Sandman shared the stage as they brought us some choice cuts from the Lice EP. If you’ve been to an Aesop Rock show in the past, you know the show is not over when the lights go on. Stick around and you’ll get to meet the man himself, who will come out to interact with his fans. That’s right. No diva shit with this guy. It’s about the music and fans in a very real way, and something more mainstream talents could learn a thing or two from.

The Impossible Kid tour is one of the musical highlights of the year. It’s going on for another or so and you would be doing yourself a favor by checking it out. Don’t be a dork.

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