A Look Inside NOFX’ Box

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

There's little doubt that one of the more highly anticipated specialty releases in the first half of 2012 has been the 126 Inches Of… vinyl singles box set by NOFX. It might be difficult to understand why such a release would capture the imaginations of both fans and critics, but reasoning is actually surprisingly simple: since forming in 1983, the band has committed a tremendous amount of music to the proverbial wax, almost always in limited numbers. Simply said, a lot of seven-inches exist, and they aren't all easy to find – so fans have been curious to see what has been included in the set for the one-hundred-dollar asking price. The catch? Perhaps to fuel the anticipation, NOFX' label Fat Wreck Chords hasn't gone out of its way to publicize what's to be included on the set (the pre-order post on the label's site gives basic information, but nothing else), so the rumor mill has begun to spin; questions like, “Will there be any inclusion of NOFX' Single Of The Month promotion which ran in 2005?” and “Will The PMRC Can Suck On This be included and, if so, with which artwork [there were two different covers for the seven-inch –ed]?” have stirred conversations around punk rock water coolers the world over with no answer. Well, no answer until April 17, 2012 when a post appeared inconspicuously on Youtube . On it, a digital video camera with commentary of the French-Canadian persuasion chronicled the opening of an advance copy of the 126 Inches Of NOFX box set and itemized every piece in the box. Fans may be surprised to see what's included (they'll certainly be shocked and appalled at the careless manner with which the vinyl is handled) but, in a public service effort to help alleviate the trouble of trying to find the video on youtube , we at Ground Control have watched, taken notes and are now ready to supply readers with a list of what is indeed included within NOFX very sacred box.

Box Contents:
Thalidomide Child EP, NOFX EP, So What If We're On Mystic? EP, The P.M.R.C. Can Suck On This EP, Liza and Louise single, Lousie and Liza single, Don't Call Me White single, Fuck The Kids EP, Regaining Unconsciousness EP, Surfer EP, Pods and Gods single, 13 Stitches single, Cokie The Clown single, My Orphan Year single

Thalidomide Child 7"(1984)
A1. Ant Attack
2. Righteous Cause
3. Rafters
4. Bang Gang

B1. Thalidomide Child
2. My Friends
3. Breakdown

NOFX EP(1985)
A1. Live Your Life
2. My Friends
3. Six Pack Girls
4. Bang Gang

B1. Hit It
2. Hold It Back
3. ID

So What If We're On Mystic? EP(1986)
A1. Mom's Rules
2. On My Mind
3. Drain Bramage
4. Bob Turkee

B1. Shitting Bricks
2. Lager In The Dark
3. Too Mixed Up
4. White Bread

The PMRC Can Suck On This EP(1987)
A1. Dueling Retards
2. On The Rag
3. A200 Club

B1. Shut Up Already
2. The Punk Song
3. Johnny B. Goode

Liza And Louise 7"(1992)
1. Liza and Louise
2. The Fastest Longest Line

Don't Call Me White 7"(1994)
1. Don't Call Me White
2. Punk Guy

Fuck The Kids EP (1996)
A1. Fuck The Kids
2. Fuck The Kids II
3. I'm Telling Tim
4. Reagan Sucks
5. Poseur
6. My Name Is Bud
7. Two On Glue

B1. Please Stop Fucking My Mom
2. Murder The Government
3. Stranger Than Fishin'
4. Stupid Canadians
5. Eric Melvin vs. PCP
6. Always Hate Hippies

All Of Me 7"(1996)
1. All Of Me
2. The Desperation's Gone

Timmy The Turtle 7"(1999)
1. Timmy The Turtle
2. The Plan

Louise And Liza 7"(1999)
1. Louise
2. Liza

Pods And Gods 7"(2000)
1. Pods and Gods
2. What's The Matter With Parents Today

Fat Club 7" (2001)
1. Zyclone B Bath House
2. Spaghetti Motel

Surfer EP(2001)
A1. Fun Things To Fuck
2. Juice Head
3. Three On Speed
4. New Happy Birthday Song
5. Talking 'Bout Yo Momma
6. Party Enema
7. Can't Get The Stink Out

B1. Go To Work Wasted
2. Fuck da Kids
3. Whoa On The Whoas
4. Three Shits To The Wind
5. Puke On Cops
6. I Gotta Pee
7. Totally Fucked

Regaining Unconsciousness EP
1. Idiots Are Taking Over
2. Franco Un-American
3. Hardcore '84
***has not been re-pressed to include "Mediocore"

13 Stitches 7"
1. 13 Stitches (acoustic)
2. Glass War

"I've Become A Cliche" b/w The Quitter" 7"

Cokie The Clown 7"
1. Cokie The Clown
2. Co-Dependence Day
3. Straight Outta Massachusetts

My Orphan Year
1. My Orphan Year (acoustic)
2. Fermented And Flailing

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