The SWAG Report 108

Thursday, 09 August 2012

Heya goons,

How's it goin'ere junky? Time is gettin' short fer some o' youse, those chippy habits ya picked up ova da summa are gonna hafta go fer da school year comin' up, othawise yer gonna be dozin' off in class come Septemba. Ya gotta getcherself straight junky!

Awright, I done my community service fer the day, now le's getchu flyin' on yer otha habit: le's getcha hooked on what I foun'dis week.

Dis week, I nabbed a little bitta everything fo' ya, so appreciate itcha reprobates! I nabbed da fors' new tune I could fin' from dat otha ol' addict Lee “Scratch” Perry an' threw dat inn'ere firs'1Funny thing is, he soun's an' looks great! He mus' live right'er somethin', but his music still sounds good, no doubt about'at. Then I nabbed a new tune from this smokin' hot new band from Toronto called Metz. I know, I know – what're they doin' namin'emselves afta thos pure, pitiful, Queens Metropolitans (namin'a Mets after Noo Yawk oughtta be a crime)? Are they tryin' ta jinx-emselves right from the get-go? Good thing their music's good; I nabbed a new tune by them an' puttit innere.

Oh! Ya gotta check out the Jason Collett tune I scammed too! It's friggin' awesome junky! It's my pick o' this week's litter fer shoor – so go geddit an' while yer here, take a taste of everying else too. There's lots, go get right on it!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Apache Dropout – “Candy Bar” – [mp3]

Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire – “Bad Thing” – [mp3]

Big Tree – “Augury” – [mp3]

Cars & Trains – “Nations” – [mp3]

Chad Valley –
Equatorial Ultravox[Album]

Gabe Goodman – “Bent Fiction” – [mp3]

Gotham Green & Quickie Mart – “Natural Progression” – [mp3]

Haleek Maul – “Cold Blood” – [mp3]

Jason Collett – “I Wanna Rob A Bank” – [mp3]

Kyshera – “Mannequin” – [mp3]

Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Soul Man (Reprise)” – [mp3]

METZ – “Headache” – [mp3]

Midnight Magic & Tommy Sunshine – “I Found Love (Tommy Love & Disco Fries mix)” – [mp3]

Modern Rivals – “Clocks vs. Darts” – [mp3]

Modern Skirts – “Tennessee” – [mp3]

Shoot the Image – “Lithograph” – [mp3]

Slam Donahue – “Bug In The Sun” – [mp3]

Slam Donahue – “I Turn On” – [mp3]

Soho Kings – “One Love” – [mp3]

The Everymen – “Coney Island High” – [mp3]

Theresa Andersson – “Fiyas Gone” – [mp3]

Two Hours Traffic – “Amour Than Amis” – [mp3]

Vonnegutt – “Fresh Like Me” – [mp3]

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