The SWAG Report 005

Monday, 19 April 2010

Ooohhh, are you guys lucky or what?

So this time, I took a couple of days and just fleeced everything that wasn't nailed down around the inter-webs. And I thought to myself, “Self,” I thought, “Here I am sittin' on a mudda-fuckin' mountain of free SWAG from the five points and it's an awful lot. Should I sit on some and parcel it out to my devoted readers every so often and make myself look like a golden boy, just cuz I can? Fuck no! I'm laying it all on you all at once because dis'ere is a milestone event. Dis'ere is dah fifth SWAG Report goin' and the bag is overflowin'; so I'm a-gonna lay it all out right here for you to throw in the air and giggle at yer new mass o' wealth. There's some good stuff in'ere too – we got some Meatloaf, we got some Decemberists, we got some Sleater-Kinney… We got some o' every damn thing you can think of AND links to the old columns for ya to revisit too; in case you missed something! Dis'ere bein' the day after Record Store Day, think of dis SWAG Report as the mother of all Boxing Day sales – but better because it's free. So whatddaya doin' standin' there listening to me for? Go! Check it out! Pilfer your weaselly black guts out; take one, take 'em all, it's all free to you.

Yer welcome, ya filthy animals,
Don Loder.

Borrowed Eyes – "Slaves"

– "Die"

Brothers At Sea
– "For Being Brave"

Brothers At Sea
– "On My Shoulder"

Brothers At Sea
– "Sad Freedom"

Brothers At Sea
– "Sun In Her Eyes"

Brothers At Sea
– "The Atlantic"

Comet Gain
– "The Kids At The Club"

Dana Falconberry
– "Crooked River"

Danko Jones
– "Full Of Regret"

– "Believe ESP"

– "Cascade"

– "Math"

Elliott Smith
– "Angeles"

Emanuel and The Fear
– "Dear Friend"

– "Standing In The Way Of Control"

Hail The Villain
– "Take Back The Fear"

Horse Feathers
– "Curs In The Weeds"

Jeff Hanson
– "Hiding Behind The Moon"

Kaiser Cartel
– "Ready To Go"

– "Pharaoh Beach"

– "Ain't You"

Marnie Stern
– "Transformer"

– "Breaststroke"

– "Love Is Sold"

Post Harbor
– "Caves Hollow Trees"

Pretty Good Dance Moves
– "Bad Habits"

– "Trapped In Skate And Time"

– "Repulsion"

Red Sparrowes
– "Giving Birth To Imagined Saviors"

– "Oh!"

Stereo Total
– I Love You Ono"

Survive – "Lunar Eclipse"

Thao – "When We Swam"

The Decemberists
– "16 Military Wives"

The Contrast
– "Coming Back To Life"

The Morning Pages
– "Telephone" (Lady Gaga cover)

The Most Serene Republic
– "PhotoCall"

The Paper Chase
– "The Lightening"

The Shaky Hands
– "Allison and The Ancient Eyes"

The Thermals – "Now We Can See"

The Young Friends – "Make Out Point"

Unwound – "Corpse Pose"

Wake Up Lucid – "A Minor"

Xiu Xiu
– "Dear God, I Hate Myself"

All Leather
– "Mystery Meat" (Bloody Beetroots Mix)

Bikini Kill – "New Radio"

Burnt Ones – "Gonna Listen To T. Rex"

Choir Of Young Believers – "Claustrophobia" (Peter Antlers Mix)

Codeine Velvet Club – " Hollywood"

Deastro – "Mowgli The Lynx"

Deerhoof – "Hitch Hike" (Lilliput cover)

Drew Danburry – "Nirvana by Kurt Cobain"

Meat Loaf – "Prize Fighter Lover"

Mux Mool – "Wolf Tone Symphony" (Paul White Mix)

Nedry – "A42-28" (edit)

Osborne – "Afrika" (Bullion mix)

Pale Sketcher – "Plans That Fade" (Faded Dub mix)

People Like Us And Wobbly
– "Giant Love Ball"

Philip Stevenson
– "If You Ever Love SOmething"

Philip Stevenson – "Where I Don't Belong"

Richard McGraw – "Hunting Heart"

Richard McGraw – "My Life"

Ryan Bourne – "Love And Death"

The Austerity Program
– "Song 26"

The Dø – "At Last"

Tycho Adrift
– "Shigetos Adrift" (A Dream Mix)

Amanda Palmer
– "Do You Swear To Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth So Help Your Black Ass?"

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