Big Business – [Photos]

Friday, 14 September 2012

Let it never be said that Coady Willis and Jared Warren don't know how to work a room full of stoner-rockin' spectators into a froth. While Willis and Coady's Big Business may not be able to boast the name recognition that The Melvins [with whom both Willis and Coady also play -ed]  have, they seemed intent on leaving an indelible mark on the audience when the band took the stage at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco on September 4, 2012.

With gritted teeth and sneers slapped all over their faces, Willis and Coady as well as newest addition guitarist Scott Martin ravaged listeners with their brick-thick wall of well-refined stoner rock after sets from Federation X and Pins Of Light left those who hit the Hill well-primed and at least partially lit. Through it all, Ground Control Head Photographer Ray Ahner's flash fired; his photos tell the story of a space lefty sweaty from fans' exertion and a room well-worked.

Big Business –
Bottom Of The Hill – San Francisco, CA – 09/04/12 – [Photos]



Big Business' North American tour continues. Click here for an updated list of shows.

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