Thunderheist – [Album]

Thursday, 12 February 2009

I thoroughly enjoy life a little bit more when bands like this come with full-on albums. You know when a small, very new and up and coming band pack a huge punch with their debut album you’ve got a good thing to have an ear-affair with. Sure, your true love may be someone named Andre or Mr. Dyke, but Thunderheist, composed of Isis and Grahm Zilla is that three-way you always wanted to cheat on your number one with.

Their first full album, self-titled, packs a lightning punch that can rock the dance floor track after track. These two, hip-hop-monotony-destructors, don’t even need an intro. They just jump right into it with the first track, “Sweet 16.” Heavy in the bass and funk, this track is extremely catchy. Thunderheist, addicted to the dance floor, produces music that’s built to create groovy movement for almost everyone. I played this for my twin baby brother and sister, who are three, and they busted a move as if they were Michael Jackson.

Track 2 has a completely new vibe, with this almost Whitney Houston voice meets a MSTRKRFT beat, titled, “Nothing 2 Step 2.” The ability of Isis to sing really comes out in this track, but in hearing the track you really feel that she’s capable of showing up some of the greats with something as simple as the Star-Spangled Banner. The words of this song are so catchy, that after hearing the album but once, it has continuously been playing in my head for the past two days. It’s awesome because the last time that happened it was “Banana Phone” and I wanted to shoot myself.

We’re going to pass up track three because we’ve all heard “Jerk it” and watched multiple videos for it. In all honestly I want to tell you about the following track, “LBG (Little Booty Girl),” because it completely brings out the gangster side of life. I can totally picture myself rolling ten deep in to South Central without the normal issue of someone telling me that I must be lost. The change from track to track captures the true ability of Thunderheist and how they can hang with some great producers like N.E.R.D. or Diddy. Isis comes with some very strong lyrics that put the bullet in the chamber of the full-metal jacket that this track dumps on us.

“Bubblegum” takes a hard left and gives us a track that I can see my girls doing in their aerobic workout class, or cheerleaders rolling to the club and blasting this after a hard week of shopping and drinking chai-tea lattes. This track is another one of the feature tracks that were put out on the music market as a single from the Thunderheist team. As if that’s not enough we go from that right into ‘Slow Roll,” which is something like a song about whispering by a well-known rap group. Yet we get something better, Isis and Grahm Zilla’s insane music abilities and beats. If you look at the definition of their name it makes more sense. They take what’s out in the world, what’s thunderous in the music scene, and create something much more amazing.

The chance that they met is rare, and the fact that they never met in person before even putting out music is just insane. You’ll continue on to hear what I’m sure of will be one of the greatest albums of 2009. For instance, “Space Cowboy” is a theme song for all the girls I go out with. I see them busting a move, sweaty and twenty people deep into the dance floor singing the chorus. The keyboards gives you a sick 80s vibe and Isis’ voice just uplifts you into this happy, thank God it’s Friday, sort of mood.

Don’t feel like there’s something that’s your type of track? Maybe it’s because you’re the top dog, leader of the pack, so to speak. Well, “The Party After” will be what represents you on this album. This is the type of track I might play in the car before I go out and hunt for the girls on a good night out. This track completely brings out the alpha male in me, and ego in my girls to help dish out the rejection because we’re b-o-s-s-y.

After hearing the album you have a good vibe of knowing that this group is probably amazing live. I hope they come out to Los Angeles soon so I can hear them bring out the “Anthem” where we all get to sing the letters of their name to their wickedly bass-driven beats. The track is something that would make a great intro or outro. You don’t have to listen to more than half of the track before you start singing along T-h-u-n-d-e-r h-e-i-s-t, we Stars. All this awesomeness denies the final fact that they are, in fact, from Canada. I had no idea that country held people this awesome. I just think Canada = Celine Dion.


Thunderheist will be out March 24, 2009, on Big Dada.

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