The SWAG Report 69

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Awrightcha mooks,

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know yer all chucklin' a little that dis is da SWAG Report 69 (hehehe… Sixty-nine!), but I ain't screwin' aroun'is week awright? A number's a number, no matta how much fun it is. Inn'ere, I got THIRTY-TWO PIECES o' primo dope fo' ya ta sample, an' some of it izz'a fines' kind. We ain't talkin' no shit 'ere, ann'ere's somethin' fer everybody, so buckle up cuzz'ere we go.

This week, jus' fer you, I nabbed the new Nightwatchman single. Tom Morello's back 'ere bitch! He's rockin' hard again an' you'll be able ta feel it inn'is song. Iff'at ain't enough, I swiped a new by dis band Mwahaha. Sounds dark an' scary don't it? It ain't, in fact it's really kinda catchy an' danceable – so go geddit an' do yerself a favor an' nab da new Cuff The Duke, Great Book Of John, Whirr, High Places an' Pajama Club ta start makin' yer own little weekly mix; they's all worth the price of admission an' then some.

'Kay, I ain't gonna gnaw yer ear off no mo' dis week, I got places ta be, junky. But go pilfer yer weaselly black guts out – ya won' be disappointed!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder

Active Child – "Hanging On"

Afrobeta – "As Long As You Like It"

Art Vs. Science – "Higher (AC Slater mix)"

Bare Wires – "Cheap Perfume"

Black Light White Light – "Glorious Bastards"

Bury Your Dead – "Deadeye Dick"

Cuff The Duke – "Count On Me"

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear – "The Curtain Call"

Great Book Of John – "Robin Hood"

High Places – "Year Off"

Jasiri X – "Harry Belafonte"

Jim Ward – "Decades"

Katie Herzig – "Free My Mind"

Luther – "The Communion"

Madison – "Hot Hot Love (Oli Chang mix)"

ME & LP – "Bonnie Says"

ME & LP – "La Belle Tocade"

Mild Mannered – "The Demand"

Mwahaha – "Rainbow Diamond"

Pajama Club – "These Are Conditions"

Prophets & Kings – "Die To Rest"

Prophets & Kings – "First Taste"

Rebekah Higgs – "Gosh Darn Damn"

Red Eye Fugu – "Night Runner"

Sheen Bros – "It's So Hot"

The BoDeans – "Wrap Me"

The Moor – "Warm Winter"

Tom Morello – "It Begins Tonight"

Whirr – "Junebouvier"

White Orange – "Dinosaur Bones"

Wolves At Bay – The Night A Forest Grew EP

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