The SWAG Report 68

Wednesday, 03 August 2011

Oh you lucky lil' junkies,

Y'know, I give you lil' ingrates a lot an' don' ask fer much back, but I think I out-did myself fo'ya dis week junkie. Not too long ago, I did the "unthinkable" an' walked right inta major label central an' started layin' my sticky fingas on stuff. 'At's kinda like wavin' a AK-47 aroun' in Times Square an' expectin' ta walk out in one piece, butcha know what? I pulled it off bitch! Dis week I lifted some fine dope fo'ya; music made by some o' da bigges' playas inna game.

Awright, so check dis out – I nabbed some good good shit fo' ya. I swiped an olda tune from Tom Waits (but it's fuckin' great) at the same time I grabbed a new one from Wilco while I was walkin' by ANTI-'s office, anna couple more from there too! I threw 'em all innere real quick fo' ya.

I also swiped some new Mountain Goats, Chain Gang Of 1974, Patrick Stump an' Psychic Babble fo' ya while I was walkin' by – you'd be surprised how easy it was! Loose fingas I guess, but so what right? This shit is fuckin' golden all aroun', an' I'm gonna hand it all to ya fer nothin'. So whaddaya still 'ere fer? Go forth, ya weasel! Pilfer! Black! Guts! Out! Now!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yer ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Bad Religion – "21st Century Digital Boy"

Beirut – "East Harlam"

Black Cards – "Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Fame"

Black Lips – "New Direction"

Blitzen Trapper – "American Goldwing"

Blitzen Trapper – "Evening Star"

Blitzen Trapper –

Carter Tanton –
"Murderous Joy"

Dawes – "Bit Of Everything"

Dawes – "Love Is All I Am"

Dawes – "Time Spent In Los Angeles"

Echorev – "Sparks"

everyBoy – "Parachute Mind"

Fops – "Cheater Carolina"

Foster The People – "Pumped Up Kicks (Hood Internet mix)"

Glory Glory – You Need A Heart To Live EP

Halloween, Alaska – "Dance By Accident"

Halloween, Alaska – "Empire Waist"

Jay Electronica –
"Shiny Suit Theory"

Lykke Li – "I Follow Rivers"

Patrick Stump –
"This City"

Peg Simone – "Wait For Night"

Phantogram – "As Far As I Can See"

Psychic Babble – My Own Stupid Mouth EP

Radiation City – "The Color Of Industry"

Ratatat – "Party With Children"

Red Eye Fugu – "Night Runner"

Sean Waterman – "Enough"

Skylar Grey – "Dance Without You (Monsta mix)"

The Chain Gang Of 1974 – "Undercover"

The Mountain Goats – "High Hawk Season"

Titus Andronicus – "A More Perfect Union"

Trey Brown –
"At Midnight"

Trey Brown –
"Desert Mama"

Tuesday Glass – "Franklin"

Ximena Sarinana – "Different"

Bad Religion – "Raise Your Voice"

Booker T. Jones – "Progress"

DeVotchka – "All The Sand In All The Sea"

Dr. Dog – "Mirror Mirror"

Joe Henry – "Odetta"

Jolie Holland – "Gold and Yellow"

Lost In The Trees – "Song For The Painter"

Man Man – "Life Fantastic"

Marketa Irglova – "Go Back"

Mavis Staples – "You Are Not Alone"

Neko Case – "Middle Cyclone"

Sean Rowe – "Wet"

The Swell Season – "Low Rising"

Tinariwen – "Tenere Taqqim Tossam"

Tom Waits – "Make It Rain"

Wilco – "I Might"

William Elliott Whitmore – "Everything Gets Done"

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