The SWAG Report 131

Friday, 22 February 2013

Hey you junky bastids youse,

Aw, yer gonna lurve me dis week junky, no doubt about'at. Dis week, I gotta strain o' rare smack fer youse ta sample, an' I think yer gonna wanna know abottit right off cuzz'is kinda stuff has been off da market fer almos' ten years. I gotchu some new David Bowie! I gotcha da firs' song offa The Next Day, “Where Are We Now” – how da ya like datcha addicts? Geddit now, cuz it's hot as hell. Dis new tune is Bowie at'is plaintive bes', as ol' fi'dollar Billy would say, an' even though'e's ben outta circulation fer a while, his voice still sounds great.

Awright, dat's da bigges' news, now onta otha business. Dis week wis a lot betta than las' week fer findin' new SWAG ta lay on youse. Las' week wis friggin' weak, but I nabbed THREE new tunes by dis band Decades that're friggin' great! Ther all kinda poppy an' kinda rocky like the new wavey Eighties sound thit The Stills were makin' over on Arts & Crafts a coupla years ago ann'at. I grabbed some new goodness from Boats, that Canuck hippie Matt Mays, a whole EP's worth o' gear from John Wesley Harding an' Never Shout Never, a new remix by Dragonette ann'is new band called Civil Twilight too – my cup's runnin' ova here! An' unlike las' week, this is all shit ready ta getchu hooked junky, it's all killer, so go geddit an' say thank you on yer way outcha bastids!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Ajnabi – “Nublus/Gaza” – [mp3]

Boats – “Getting Worst .JPG” – [mp3]

Chic Gamine – “Days And Days” – [mp3]

Civil Twilight – “Doorway” – [mp3]

David Bowie – “Where Are We Now” – [mp3]

Decades – “Can You Love Me Now” – [mp3]

Decades – “Celebrate” – [mp3]

Decades – “Tonight Again” – [mp3]

DJ Snake – “Bird Machine” – [mp3]

DJ Snake – “Together” – [mp3]

Dragonette – “Run Run Run (Remix IIA)” – [mp3]

Eric & Magill – Two Travelers [EP]

Helado Negro – “Junes” – [mp3]

Imaginary Cities – “Cherry Blossom Tree” – [mp3]

John Wesley Harding – Pieces Of The Past[Mixtape]

Lions In The Street – “So Far Away” – [mp3]

Matt Mays – “Take It On Faith” – [mp3]

Never Shout Never – Band sampler[Mixtape]

Paper Tongues – “Amen” – [mp3]

Placeholder – “Mary” – [mp3]

Placeholder – “Tired Of Me” – [mp3]

Replete – “Easy Love” – [mp3]

Royal Canoe – “Show Me Your Eyes” – [mp3]

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