The SWAG Report 013

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Alright lemme ask ya somethin',

What know-nothin', no-account, talkin'-outta-his-ass goof decided that the number thirteen was unlucky? Seriously – what's unlucky about it? I've never had any trouble with thirteen, as far as I'm concerned, it's just the number between twelve and fourteen. I've never really been the superstitious type though; not that I go out of my way to break mirrors or nothin', but I don't worry about steppin' on the cracks in the sidewalk down on Avenue B either. It's all a little dumb, if you ask me, superstition's for the birds; the way I see it, the only folks that hold any stock in superstition and luck are the ones that dunno howta play the game.

You'll know what I'm sayin' when you flip though this new bag o' SWAG I brough'cha, it's huge! Alla the las' couple o' days, I been lookin' and lookin' for new shit to lay on you ann'is one's a doozie. I found pounds o' stuff and have submitted it for your approval.

Don't think so? Check this out: I found some brand new Dan Sartain here for ya – have you heard'is guy? He's a freak! He throws every sound he can find inta the blender and then spits it out witta punk shine that you can't resist. I got some Child Abuse 'ere for you mean brawlers out there – these guys'll make yer ears bleed, guaranteed. That's not all though – I got some o' that crabby and worried folkie Will Knox in 'ere that'll knock the socks offa you collegiate types, a brand new EP from those cold weather beauties Hotkid (don' leave me alone with these kids – I think I'm in love with 'em), some fine, rump-shakin' rock n' roll from The Books and some electro-bashin' slabs o' greatness from Dragonette. That's some primo, primo shit on it's own, but I got more too – I got some beautiful, beautiful ladies like Sia and Frazey Ford just ready to win'at cold heart o' yours. I could go on, but you can see for yourself just how well I'm treatin' you this time, jus' go look already because this is the biggest (an' longest) SWAG Report we've done so far. Alla that, and I also tracked down a bunch of excellent, old school gutter and gunk punk to shoot 'cher way. I tell you what, if you can't find somethin' that turns your crank in a bag o' SWAG this size, you need to check your pulse and make sure you like music – it's just as simple as that. You won't think thirteen's so unlucky anymore – I guarantee!

Love and sloppy kisses,
Don Loder.

!!! – "AM/FM"

A Horse And His Boy – "Home"

A Horse And His Boy – "In The Lights"

Various Artists – Hydra Head 33-Song Sampler

Afrobeta – "Two Different Worlds"

Amos The Transparent – "After All That It's Come To This"

Amos The Transparent – "It's A Beautiful Life (Aoustic)"

Andrew Belle – Live At The Hotel Cafe [Full Album!]

Andrew Belle – "Open Your Eyes"

Andrew Belle – "Static Waves"

Child Abuse – "Froze Toes"

Child Abuse – "Bebe"

Copywrite – "Louder"

Dan Sartain – "Athiest Funeral"

Donnis – "The Kill"

Dragonette – "Easy Buffet (Libre Mix)"

Drop The Lime – "Sex, Sax, Sin"

Frazey Ford – "Firecracker"

Funeral Party – "Finale"

Go Rydell – "The Golden Age"

Guy Sebastien – "Never Hold You Down"

HEALTH – "Die Slow (Tobacco Mix)"

Hotkid – Under The Streetlight EP

Landing On The Moon – "She Wants"

Le Vice – "Hard To Be Ill"

Mice Parade – "In Between Times"

Olenka and The Autumn Lovers – "Flash In The Pan"

Olenka and The Autumn Lovers – "Iron Pump"

Richard Laviolette – "Funeral Song"

Rock Plaza Central – "Anthem For The Already Defeated (Demo)"

Rock Plaza Central – "We Are Full Of Light"

Salem – "King Night"

Sia – "Clap Your Hands (Prince Vince Mix)"

Sweet Thing – "Change Of Seasons"

The Books – "A Cold, Freezin' Night"

The Coast – "Tigerlily"

The Mountains And The Trees – "Hospital View"

The Mountains And The Trees – "Up & Down"

The Pack – "Sex On The Beach"

Tokyo Police Club – "Wait Up (Boots Of Danger Mix)"

Unicycle – "Mirror Mirror"

Volcanoless In Canada – "A World Soaked With Gold"

Volcanoless In Canada – "Mexican Circus (March To The Holly Dome)"

Will Knox – "Buckled Knees"

Chilly Gonzales – "Ivory Tower (remix)"

Luna Is Honey – "Claws"

Samuel – "I Heart NY"

The Stars – "We Don't Want Your Body"

Archie & The Pukes – "I Got Worms"

Candy Snatchers – "Sympathy Trip"

Cheater Slicks – "Spanish Rose (Demo)"

Clone Defects – "Cheetah Eyes"

Cynics – "You Got the Love (Live)"

Death Of Samantha – "Savior City"

Devil Dogs – "Big Fuckin' Party (Pt. 1)"

Didjits – "Gold Eldorado"

Hives – "Barely Homosapien"

New Bomb Turks – "Slut (Live)"

No Talents – "Blondes Have More Guns (Demo)"

Oblivians – "Memphis Creep"

Raunch Hands – "Your Fat Friend"

Rip Offs – "She Said Yeah"

Supercharger – "Buzz Off"

The A-Bones – "Button Nose"

The Dwarves – "Throw That Girl Away (Alternate Take)"

The Gories – "There But for the Grace of God Go I"

The Mummies – "Mashi"

Thee Head Coats – "Girl From '62"

Human Life – "In It Together" (Jaymo & Andy George Remix)

ArpLine – "Fold Up Like A Piece of Paper"

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes – "Home (ArpLine Remix)"

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