Cusses Are Close, But They Need Just A Bit More Help.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The rollercoaster ride has been running full-tilt for CUSSES for almost a year already – they released their self-titled debut album on October 30, 2012 and have been touring hard through the Southern States ever since – but the rough-riding Georgia-bred rock band has proven that they aren't quite ready to get off yet. On May 28, 2013, CUSSES began a new kickstarter campaign to help them produce their second full-length album (simply entitled LP2) and, while response has already been shockingly positive (the  band has already raised over sixteen thousand dollars), the band has put out the call for just a little more help so they can meet their funding goal. “We have decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for another music release,” says guitarist Bryan Harder. “CUSSES has delivered a well-received debut album and seemingly gained a lot of fans and support over the past few years. We have more music and feel now is the right time to deliver. Currently, methods of musician survival are spread thinly across the board, and we chose to crowd-fund this effort because we see this business model as an industry role-reversal. Instead of funding and producing something of value that fans will (hopefully) buy into afterwards, we are testing our support system and asking for a commitment beforehand. If this works, then great! Our supporters will be the reason the world gets more CUSSES. If not, we'll roll with the tide and work on another plan… and more music.”

Down to less than two weeks left in the kickstarter campaign, The band is asking fans to take a second look at the wares they're making available as incentives to help them make their second album and lay their money down on what excites them. Prizes on the block include copies of the forthcoming release in digital, vinyl and CD formats, silkscreened posters, T-shirts, singles, private shows, the white Fender Stratocaster which was used to create the hellacious tones on LP1 and will also be used to help create LP2 and more. Time is running short and the band wants to get this thing made, but they need help to do it! Go make it happen!


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